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Band NameMembersDatesRecordings?Contact
Baby Fae & The Heartless Baboons     
Red M&M's     
37 Targets     
Bend Sinister     
King Dork and the Impact Boys     
Hank Chuck Jennings, Leigh Jeffries, Sterling Owen, Jody Park  I believe 2 tapes? myspace 
Dial A Miracle     
The Everything Tool     
Uncle Wiggily     
Murder of Crows     
Across the Yard     
The Musical Moose     
Strycnine Five     
The Value     
Three Ring Psychosis Leigh Jeffries,    
The Abstracts Scott Courter, Brian Holdum, Terry Clouse, Bob Courter, Todd Godwin, Brent Sanders, Calvin Steele    
The Unsatisfied Eric Scealf, Johnny Stockman, Wayne Shadwick, Marschall Row, Doug Bales   The Unsatisfied 
Neon Christ Randy DuTeau: Vocals. William DuVall: Guitar. Danny Lankford: Bass. Jimmy Demer: Drums. 1983-current(ish)  myspace 
Feast of Pigs vocals-john johnson, guitar-mark sullivan, drums-bryan king, todd godwin, eric rairchild bass-leigh jeffries, david duncan    
Butthorn 4 john johnson vocal, eric fairchild drums, craig chiemlesky guitar, bass tommy cass    
Twiggy tommy cass bass, eric fairchild drums, eric wineset guitar vocals    
The Kreed doug whitehead, guitar vocals, stevie (baby doll) blevins drums, john kirby bass    
Overbarren Andre on vocals, Tony Notaro on guitar, Lou on drums and Paul Jones on bass 1989-1991?   
Sisyphus Ted Howard on vocals, Craig Chimelewski on guitar, Paul Jones on Bass & Jack gray on drums 1991ish over on links  
Psycho Bible Terry Clouse on bass, Brian Holdam on guitar & vocal, Bob Courter on Drums and Jack Gray on vocals,guitar & keys 1988-1990 EP in links  
Hill Street Hooligans Cale, Josh, Adrian, Brandon 2007-present  myspace 
The Unlikely John Johnson - Vocals, Cale Younce - Vocals & Guitar, Mike Brown - Bass, Brad Smith - Drums Jan-Apr 2005 on myspace page myspace 
Compound Fracture Bart Chase - drums, vocals * TK Johnson - guitar, vocals * Greg Maxwell - bass * Mike Cross - guitar 1986 1 studio demo tape  
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