About Me

Hi.  My name is Gary...and I'm a punk.  There, I've admitted it in public.  I'm also 42 year old professional working for a mega-corporation these days but
deep inside...I'm still a punk.  I grew up in the North Georgia area and can still remember the day I was listening to some old (even then) Black Sabbath and a friend said, "hey, listen to this..." and put on the Dead Kennedy's, "I kill children".  I was hooked.  Had a lot of fun in the 80's and saw some great bands in the Chattanooga area.  This is my little attempt to try to catalog some of the scene, it's music and art, so we can all sit back in our rockers on the porch and shake our canes at the neighbor kids telling them to "get off my lawn, ya punk!"...and yes ladies, that is a sweet rat tail down my back...sheeesh, I was so freakin' kewl.