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Chattanooga Punks People Site for us old folks 
ChattanoogaPunk Myspace People the myspace chattanooga punk site 
Hank - First Tape Audio Downloads What was the title of this cassette? 
Hank - Wretched Son Audio Downloads Not sure where I found this one 
Neon Christ stuff Audio Downloads Yes, they're from ATL but we listened to them...various collected tracks and interviews 
False Prophets - Good Clean Fun Audio Downloads I remember sitting outside the Nucleus talking with the lead singer about how he hung out with Sid Vicious some in NYC 
ChattaPunk Radio People Beta of some of Chattanooga's finest of the 80's & 90's 
Ambition Withdraw review People Joe Bob Briggs review of The Unsatisfied's film 
The Unsatisfied - Valley of the freak Audio Downloads The Unsatisfied from 1994 
Hank - studio & live Audio Downloads Several studio songs as well as a couple of live tracks 
The Kreed tape Audio Downloads The Kreed's 1986 tape 
Article on Chuck and Hank People Ran across this article 
Brainwash practice side 1 Audio Downloads From one of Brainwash's practice tapes 
Brainwash practice side 2 Audio Downloads Side 2 of a Brainwash practice tape Feb 10, 19?? 
The Jody Grind Audio Downloads Live on WREK 1990 
Three Ring Psychosis Audio Downloads Couple of tracks from Leigh's band after Hank 
Butthorn 4 Audio Downloads CD of Butthorn 4 circa 1989 
Overbarren Audio Downloads circa 1990 
Sisyphus Audio Downloads around 1991 
Psycho Bible Audio Downloads From 1988-1990 
Twiggy Audio Downloads From Eric: The .zip file has the seven songs from our original demo recorded in 1992, one song ("Strange Loop") partially recorded in 1993 then finished by me in 2000, and two Twiggy songs we never recorded as a band, but I recorded myself in 2006 when we were getting ready for our reunion show. 
Local Union demos Audio Downloads Ringgold's Local Union - couple of tracks 
Unnamed 1987 Audio Downloads Unnamed Warren, Jody, Brian, Todd, ? Aug 21, 1987 
John's Rarities Audio Downloads Some rarities from John Johnson - Feast of Pigs, Butthorn4, etc 
Feast of Pigs (practice) Audio Downloads One of the Feast of Pigs practices 
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